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It can be frustrating to feel as though you are struggling to access your full potential, whether at work, school, or in life as a whole. Through both therapy and our testing process, which allows us to go deeper into our clients’ strengths and weaknesses, we can help you figure out what’s getting in the way so you can feel like your best self every day.

Common problems related to performance include:

School and Work

  • Not getting the grades or performance review you feel like you deserve despite strong effort
  • Difficulties concentrating
  • Difficulties with organization
  • Difficulties with memory
  • Inability to keep pace in class
  • Taking longer than you feel like you should to complete assignments and do homework


  • Having difficulty understanding social dynamics
  • Feeling left out or unable to keep up with social engagements
  • Being disinterested in social engagements

Causes of performance difficulties

There can be a variety of causes for these challenges, including:


Changes in mood can interfere with the workings of your brain. Often, people think they might have some kind of attention issue when really mood-related factors are the cause.

Unequal brain power

We all have strengths and weaknesses, but sometimes the difference between the two is so great that it makes your work challenging. For example, if your verbal skills are far above average but your processing speed is below, the difference can cause problems in efficient completion of work, which can lead to other struggles, such as lowered mood and distractibility.

Weaknesses in the frontal lobe

The frontal lobe, named for its frontal location under the forehead, is the part of your brain that is responsible for complex tasks like organization, planning, and impulsivity. When this area is not as strong as other areas of the brain many daily tasks can feel overwhelming, such as multi-step directions or projects. This can lead to incompletion of important tasks, frustrations, and interpersonal struggles.

Performance issues can be resolved in therapy by identifying the root cause and evaluating potential solutions to improve these areas. Often testing is helpful to do this. Click here to learn more about testing.


This article outlines typical struggles in the workplace for people who are negatively impacted by their mood. Although this article specifically discusses depression, the aspects of work life outlined here are a derivative of a variety of mood related struggles, most of which do not require a diagnosis.

Here are some general ways to feel more positive about social situations.

This website presents a clear outline of the frontal lobe functions.

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