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Life is made up of important, yet tough questions. Some are situational: Should I take this job? Is she “the One”? Do I want kids? Others are more abstract: Who am I? Why do I feel this way? These self-reflections can be challenging and scary to navigate on your own. Important life transitions include:


Coping with the loss of:

  • A loved one
  • Relationships
  • Job
  • Health (e.g., new diagnosis, difficulty with mobility, caring for someone else with health challenges, etc.)
  • A life role (e.g., empty nest, retirement, etc.)

Or, helping someone else through their loss

New life role

Adapting to the changes that come with:

  • Marriage or committed partnership
  • Parenthood (e.g., biological, adoption, foster, stepchildren)
  • College
  • Moving
  • New job or career changes
  • Serving as a dependent caretaker (e.g., for family member, close friend, spouse/partner, etc.)

Or, helping someone else through their new life transition

Feeling unfulfilled, without purpose, and/or meaning in one or more areas of your life

  • Not feeling needed or useful
  • Feeling like you no longer make a difference
  • No longer feel good about your life
  • Feeling aimless, empty or shallow
  • Having unfulfilled dreams
  • Lack self-confidence, motivation or knowledge to make a life change


Some important key things to remember when you're going through a transition.

If transitions make you anxious, here are a few tricks to help you manage your feelings.

How you can think about and manage change.

How stressed are your life changes making you? Take a quick survey here to find out.

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