Our Story

Why we focus on individuals in high-pressure careers, and how we got our name

What's an Azimuth?

An azimuth (pronounced AZ-ih-muth) is a navigational measurement that describes the angle between your current course of action and a specific point of interest. For example, if you were sailing a boat headed due north and saw an island to your right, the angle between your current path and the island would be the azimuth.

So, it’s a name for the difference between where you’re currently headed and where you want to go, with no judgment assigned to these directional points. You can expect the same at Azimuth — we’ll get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Dr. Janna Koretz

A Message from Dr. Janna Koretz

During my journey building a team of some of the best psychologists and therapists in Boston, I met many people in high-pressure careers who felt lost, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Some had developed mental health issues that had gone untreated.

It became clear to me that these people were being overlooked — their challenges were just not a focus in the mental health community. After watching many friends in these positions burn out, develop severe anxiety and depression, and begin using drugs and alcohol beyond healthy levels, I realized that Azimuth could help.

From working directly with people on anxiety, mood, and performance issues, to helping their families with challenges that touch them all, Azimuth’s mission is to help fight the epidemic of mental health challenges suffered by those in high-pressure careers.

Dr Janna Koretz

Dr. Janna Koretz
Founder, Azimuth Psychological