A message from Dr. Janna Koretz:

Throughout my training and career as a psychologist, I’ve met hundreds of people who have told me how hard it was to find a therapist who was a good fit. When I was looking for my own therapist, I ran into the same problems. Even as a psychologist, I had a hard time telling one from another.

I knew I wanted a therapist with training in a wide variety of therapy techniques and approaches. I didn’t want my therapy sessions to feel like an appointment at the doctor’s office, but home offices with overstuffed couches and burning incense also weren't for me. I just wanted a comfortable environment with a relatable and collaborative therapist — one that had the deep expertise to help me tackle my challenges, but who also saw me as a whole person.

When it comes to both therapy and testing , many people can’t seem to find what they’re looking for. I created Azimuth to help people — like myself — who feel like they’re falling through the cracks. We have an extraordinary team of expert psychologists who all share the same values, providing their expertise to clients in a useful and approachable way. We are a community on a mission, and we are ready and excited to help you with your goals.

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What is an Azimuth?

An azimuth (pronounced AZ-ih-muth) is a navigational measurement that describes the angle between your current course of action and a specific point of interest. For example, if you were sailing a boat headed due north and saw an island to your right, the angle between your current path and the island would be the azimuth. So, it's a name for the difference between where you're currently headed and where you want to go, with no judgment assigned to these directional points. You can expect the same at Azimuth — we'll get you from where you are to where you want to be.

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