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  • Madhabi

    Dr. Madhabi Mistry

    Clinical Psychologist

    I believe there are many ways to approach a challenge, and I thoroughly enjoy the experience of helping clients figure out the techniques that work best for them. I help my clients gain understanding and skills to help inspire lasting change.

    Clients describe me as warm, collaborative, and approachable. I strive to create an environment in which clients are at ease to share their struggles, reflect on past experiences and learn tools for success. I am constantly motivated and inspired by the diversity of life experiences represented by my clients.

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  • Maggie

    Dr. Maggie Rodriguez

    Clinical Psychologist

    As a therapist, I approach therapy collaboratively, and will work with you to develop a plan that will help you meet your goals. I particularly enjoy working with individuals to determine and, more importantly, to help them understand the factors contributing to their current difficulties. My clients have described me as warm and approachable.

    I also provide testing to offer truly clear and useful feedback and recommendations. Through testing, I strive to help individuals tease apart the various issues they may be facing in order to figure out an effective and comprehensive plan for addressing each of them.

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  • Jackie

    Dr. Jacqueline Alfonso Barry

    Clinical Psychologist

    I am a bicultural and bilingual (English and Spanish) psychologist. I believe in the innate potential of all human beings to reach their goals and live a life that is fulfilling; change can be challenging, but I am here to help. I am excited to collaborate with clients and help them succeed in making progress that is tangible, transformative and lasting. Clients often describe me as easy to connect with, warm, welcoming and non-judgmental, and comment about how safe they feel being honest and truly themselves.

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  • Tracee

    Dr. Tracee Francis

    Clinical Psychologist

    I strive to create an empathic environment where clients feel safe to learn and explore their lives. I work with clients to help them to inquire and learn about situations which may be uncomfortable or difficult to address, and then work with them on skills to navigate these parts of their lives. I believe that the therapy is a place to help clients become aware of their own ability to reach their goals.

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  • Isabelle

    Dr. Isabelle Morley

    Clinical Psychologist

    I value the opportunities for exploration, understanding, and growth that therapy can offer, and believe that providing a warm and positive environment is essential for that to occur. As a result, I strive to be empathic and warm, and to incorporate humor when possible, to make each client feel as comfortable as possible. Although therapy is an opportunity for addressing difficult emotions, experiences, and stresses, I also believe that it can be an uplifting part of the week, where people can share their triumphs as well as discuss their concerns.

    I also have a great breadth of experience helping people understand what is negatively impacting their performance, academically, professionally, and socially. I particularly enjoy testing, including the interpretation of results and how the resulting information can be used to achieve a client’s desired results.

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  • Christopher

    Dr. Christopher Welch

    Clinical Psychologist

    I work with clients to understand their needs, motivations, self-perceptions, patterns of thinking, and relationships, and how they might contribute to current difficulties. I then help my clients problem solve around any related challenges. I believe that my thoughtful, empathic, encouraging, and pragmatic style contributes to an affirmative and comfortable space. My primary aim is to assist in building an understanding of self, mobilizing strengths, and developing tools that promote confidence, personal growth, and meaningful relationships with others.

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  • Rebecca

    Dr. Rebecca Petersen

    Clinical Psychologist

    I think of each my client’s concerns as experiences that have not yet found solutions or understanding. I approach my work as a creative, collaborative, problem-solving process. Together, we will work to better understand the problem, the obstacles, and the solutions. My clients have described me as empathetic, warm, and encouraging.

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  • Nicole

    Nicole Gardner

    Assistant Director of Operations

    I am dedicated to making each and every client interaction as smooth and comfortable as possible, and I work hard to make sure all logistical issues are solved. I work every day to discover new ways that Azimuth can help our clients and the community, and then execute on these ideas.

  • Opie


    Ophelia (we call her "Opie") is Azimuth Psychological's certified therapy dog. She is a Gordon Setter, a breed known for its kind, calm demeanor, loving brown eyes, and hypoallergenic coat!

    We like having Opie around because she is a champion cuddler and stress reliever! While she doesn't join us in the office every day, you may see her wandering around trying to make friends. But don't worry, if dogs aren't for you, just let us know and we'll be sure she is busy elsewhere during the time of your session.

    Cuddles Bones Peanut Butter

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