Madhabi Mistry Psy.D

Psychologist and Training Director

RelationshipsPerpetual DefeatismSubstance Abuse
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Life is never straightforward, and we are often left facing dilemmas and changes that are both surprising and difficult to navigate. Our shift into a new role, a disappointment at work, a problem in a relationship can cause us to feel anxious, angry, sad, and confused. We try our best to manage these struggles and their resulting shifts in mood and achievement, sometimes using coping strategies that turn out to be more problematic than helpful. We are left thinking, what happened? Will I ever feel like my old self? Why can’t I just get over this?

I believe there are many ways to approach a problem, and I thoroughly enjoy the experience of helping clients figure out the techniques that work best for them. You will find that I strive to create a warm and collaborative environment where you can be at ease to share your struggles, reflect on past experiences, and build mastery. Through dynamic therapy approaches and cognitive behavioral strategies, I help clients develop practical everyday solutions as well as a deeper and meaningful understanding of themselves.

Clients and colleagues describe me as warm, collaborative, and approachable. I am constantly motivated and inspired by the diversity of life experience represented by my clients.

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