Dana Goldberg Psy.D


Regaining PurposeAnxietyRecurring Social ConflictsCouples Counseling
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Our journey through life is filled with challenges that put to the test our habitual ways of coping with and seeing the world. At times, we may find that we feel stuck or find that our usual ways of approaching such stressors no longer seem to be working. I believe that the therapeutic relationship I build with each of my clients is a vehicle for understanding what it is that may getting in the way of experiencing a more fulfilling way of living one's day-to-day life.

I practice an integration of both modern and traditional therapy styles which emphasize the personhood and agency of each individual. My work with clients aims to build an egalitarian therapeutic relationship with which I can help those I meet discover the knowledge they hold within themselves. Through this collaborative and experiential learning process, my clients find meaning, heal past wounds and discover new ways of being that feel more congruent with who they want to be in this world.

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