Career Enmeshment Test

Career enmeshment goes beyond the classic “workaholic” stereotype and can lead to serious identity-related mental health issues. Dedicate three minutes to our enmeshment self-assessment to learn whether you are at risk of becoming enmeshed with your work.

Is your personal identity defined by your career?

If so, you may be at risk of “enmeshment” with your work — a blurring of the boundaries of who you are, preventing you from developing a stable, independent sense of self. This can lead to issues such as strained relationships, anxiety, substance abuse, and depression.

To learn whether you may be suffering from enmeshment, reflect on the following questions and how they apply to your life.

To learn more about how your personal identity can become enmeshed with your career, read Dr. Koretz’s recent article in Harvard Business Review.

Work Enmeshment Questions