Optimize your relationships at work

Professional relationship counseling for colleagues and cofounders in high-pressure careers.

Our approach with professional relationships

We're not the first psychologists to realize that many of the insights of couples therapy can be applied to high-performance teaming. To help improve and optimize one-on-one professional relationships, we leverage a powerful technique called EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy). EFT helps you understand the emotional cues and responses that you both bring to the table, which can either amplify or sabotage effective collaboration.

EFT for professional relationships

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) can be a game-changer for professional relationships, especially among cofounders and colleagues in high-pressure work environments. EFT offers a practical, direct method to improve teamwork and communication.

We start by setting up a space where you can speak openly, focusing on how you and your colleague interact and affect each other's performance. We then work together to identify disruptive patterns in your professional interactions. These might be recurring conflicts, habitual miscommunications, or simply inefficient teamwork.

In our sessions together, you’ll practice new, more constructive ways to interact. This practical approach focuses on changing specific behaviors that lead to breakdowns in communication. For instance, learning to directly express concerns about project timelines or resource allocation, without defaulting to frustration or passive aggressive behaviors. Bringing these insights and practices into your daily work life ensures your professional relationship stays strong and effective in business-critical moments.

Opting for EFT at Azimuth isn’t about becoming "more in touch with your emotions"; it’s about becoming a more effective team member. It’s a strategic choice to enhance your professional relationships and, by extension, your collective success.