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Therapy and Testing focused on the unique mental health challenges of individuals in high-pressure careers — and their families

Our psychologists in Boston, MA provide therapy and testing to help you improve your performance at work and your life outside of the office.

Azimuth focuses on the unique challenges of those in high-pressure careers, including consulting, finance, technology, healthcare, law, and academia. The intensity of these jobs often leads to issues with relationships, anxiety about performance, stress, exhaustion, and burnout.

We use scientifically-validated techniques to help you understand the reasons behind your roadblocks, and work with you to develop the skills and techniques you need to overcome them.

We're here for the whole family

We all bring our problems home more than we’d like to. Our clinicians can help you and your partner navigate work-related issues that have manifested at home, as well as helping your children with any struggles they may face.

Let us work around your schedule

We know that sometimes it’s impossible to find time to come to therapy. That’s why we offer telehealth services, and in some cases may even be able to come to your office.