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A lot of testing reports don’t seem to encompass who you are as a person. We think this kind of report causes unnecessary doubt and frustration, and doesn't let you get the insights that you need. Worse, if it fails to take into account your full complexity as a person, your report may not accurately capture the problems at hand.

At Azimuth, we take a different approach to testing. Our expert psychologists know that the data is just one piece of the puzzle. They also take into account your detailed history and current situation to develop accurate findings and recommendations. Once you’re done, you’ll receive a readable report that doesn’t need hours of interpretation.

It’s easy to make an appointment online — just schedule a time for us to call you. When you come in for your testing appointment, your psychologist will first talk with you to understand the specific questions you’d like answered through testing. Then, you’ll complete a series of puzzles, questionnaires, and other tasks. This can take a few hours.

Your psychologist will write up a comprehensive report with your results and recommendations, and schedule a time to speak with you about the findings. You’ll then be able to use that information to understand your situation better and get yourself unstuck.

How can testing help me?

  • Psychological Testing

    Psychological testing is used to understand how social and emotional factors impact all aspects of your life. The results of these tests rule in and out potential psychological difficulties, and are often used alongside neuropsychological measures.

  • Neuropsychological Testing

    Neuropsychological testing is used to understand how different parts of the brain are functioning, including memory, verbal abilities, processing speed and executive functioning. This is frequently used to diagnose ADHD.

  • Academic Testing

    Academic testing (also sometimes called Educational or Achievement Testing) is used to diagnose learning disabilities. It can also help us better understand the academic level at which you or your child is performing.

  • Concierge Services

    In addition to the testing services mentioned above, we offer a variety of concierge testing services upon request, specifically targeted to your needs and flexible within your schedule.

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