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We take a different approach

When it comes to testing, what you don’t know can hurt you. For the testing process to truly provide value, we need to know as much as possible about your unique situation, so we can not only answer your specific questions, but also pick up on more subtle aspects of your life that might help indicate the root causes of your challenges.

In many practices, if you don’t meet the criteria for a diagnosis, the work ends there. At Azimuth, we take testing to the next level by asking “if not that, then what?” Because we hire clinicians with a breadth of experience, you only have to deal with one person, someone who can shift and pivot with you – rather than being bounced around from one specialist to another. That more personal relationship allows us to really get to know you, ask the right questions and truly commit to finding all the answers you need.

Testing isn’t just about a diagnosis – it’s about getting you the right answers.

For adults, teenagers, and children

  • Psychological Testing

    Psychological testing is used to understand how social and emotional factors impact all aspects of your life. The results of these tests rule in and out potential psychological difficulties, and are often used alongside neuropsychological measures.

    Read more about Psychological Testing
  • Neuropsychological Testing

    Neuropsychological testing is used to understand how different parts of the brain are functioning, including memory, verbal abilities, processing speed and executive functioning. This is frequently used to diagnose ADHD.

    Read more about Neuropsychological Testing
  • Academic Testing

    Academic testing (also sometimes called Educational or Achievement Testing) is used to diagnose learning disabilities. It can also help us better understand the academic level at which you or your child is performing.

    Read more about Academic Testing
  • Concierge Services

    In addition to the testing services mentioned above, we offer a variety of concierge testing services upon request, specifically targeted to your needs and flexible within your schedule.

    Read more about Concierge Services

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Why test with Azimuth?

Since our testing reports are used by families, clinical teams, and schools, we avoid psychology jargon and share results in a way that clearly makes sense to you. In our reports you'll find details on the individual's strengths, weaknesses, and clinical recommendations written in plain English. We also have clinicians who specialize in using these tools to help diagnose emerging and complex disorders. We conduct psychological, neuropsychological and academic testing for children as young as seven, adolescents, and adults.

To get started, we set up an initial appointment to better understand your psychological and neuropsychological testing needs. In this first meeting, we will discuss what you're looking for and how we can best help. We know many important things ride on the results of the evaluation and, because of this, we complete our reports quickly, typically within 2 weeks after the evaluation is complete.

In terms of choosing the right tests for you, we select the ones that will most directly address your specific needs and make the best use of our time together. Once we have results, we will also meet with you in person to explain the results in detail. We have found that this approach is the most effective way to ensure our clients get the help that they need, while keeping their loved ones informed and included in the process.

What is an azimuth?

An azimuth (pronounced AZ-ih-muth) is a navigational measurement that describes the angle between your current course of action and a specific point of interest. For example, if you were sailing a boat headed due north and saw an island to your right, the angle between your current path and the island would be the azimuth. So, it's a name for the difference between where you're currently headed and where you want to go, with no judgment assigned to these directional points. You can expect the same at Azimuth — we'll get you from where you are to where you want to be.

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