Testing in Boston

Testing helps you understand the inner workings of your brain and can help diagnose the source of issues and challenges.

Understand the source of your challenges, and discover how your brain works best.

When you’re struggling to reach your potential in high-pressure work or school environments, it’s frustrating to not know the source of your challenges. Testing can help.

At Azimuth we can help you determine what tests you need, and our expert psychologists can perform them right in our offices. We specialize in psychological, neuropsychological, and academic testing.

To get started, we’ll match you with one of our psychologists who specializes in the type of testing you need to get your questions answered. After the testing is complete, you will be given a comprehensive report with your results and recommendations for what comes next.

What tests do we perform at Azimuth?

Our therapists focus on individuals in high-pressure careers who face a unique set of challenges to their mental wellbeing, including:

Psychological Testing

Psychological evaluations are used to understand how social and emotional factors impact all aspects of your life. The results of these tests rule in and out potential psychological difficulties and are often used alongside neuropsychological measures.

Neuropsychological Testing

Neuropsychological evaluations are used to understand how different parts of the brain are functioning, including memory, verbal abilities, processing speed, and executive functioning. This is frequently used to diagnose ADHD.

Academic and Educational Testing

Academic testing (also sometimes called Educational or Achievement Testing) is used to diagnose learning disabilities. It can also help us better understand the academic level at which you or your child is performing.