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Most of us spend more than half of our adult lives at work. That’s a lot of time to invest in a career that makes you feel dissatisfied, unhappy, or even miserable.

That’s why we offer Core Themes™, a comprehensive method used for over 20 years across sectors to help people finally find that perfect career fit. Many individuals have used Core Themes to make informed and purposeful decisions around their career paths, and executives and professionals from companies including LL Bean, Irving Oil, Bowdoin College, and IDEXX Laboratories have transformed their lives and careers as a result of this in-depth process.

Core Themes™ is different than other career counseling programs, because it goes further. Further into who you really are, what you like, your untapped skills, weaknesses, and deep seeded passions. We can do this because Core Themes™ uses data from over 11 different subjective and objective tests in conjunction with questionnaires and your personal history to gain the complete picture.

As are our therapy and testing services, Core Themes™ is flexible to you and broad in its scope. We use this program in conjunction with our clinical knowledge to provide unique insights and solutions.


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