Values Navigator

This five-minute psychological test will help you understand your core values so you can live them every day.

Are you living in sync with your values?

Anxiety, depression, and career burnout can often be the result of living in a way that is out of sync with your fundamental principles and values.

By identifying, prioritizing, and evaluating your life against your principles, you can discover the root causes of challenges you’re facing, and develop solutions that will help align your values with your day-to-day activities.

To get started, complete the five-minute Values Questionnaire below. Based on your answers, it will analyze your core values and generate a customized PDF worksheet for you to download.

Your worksheet will help you think through whether you are living your most important values today, and if not, what changes you might consider making.

If you feel that you need additional help, we're here for you. Schedule a free consultation to see if therapy can help you get where you want to be.

Values Navigator Questions

The Values Navigator is based on Dr. Shalom Schwartz's Theory of Basic Human Values, with some modifications based on our clinical experience at Azimuth. Read more about Dr. Schwartz's data and methodology.