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Dr. Christopher Welch, therapist for Azimuth Psychological in Boston, MA

Dr. Christopher Welch


Adult Individual Therapy Family Therapy Child Therapy Adolescent Therapy

I work with each of my clients to figure out where they may have become stuck, whether that be at work, school, or home, or some combination of these. We then collaboratively find ways to address and overcome the difficulties they are facing, freeing them from obstacles which interfere with their desired life changes.

I focus on helping people with challenges involving perceived inadequacy, identity, stress, and intimate relationships. I am also committed to building trusting relationships, and see them as the best way toward self-discovery, progress, and solutions. I typically use CBT and ACT therapy techniques with my clients, as well as more relational and supportive approaches.

In addition to seeing adults for individual therapy, I also specialize in therapy for children, teenagers, and family guidance.

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