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Dr. Rebecca Petersen, therapist for Azimuth Psychological in Boston, MA

Dr. Rebecca Petersen


Adult Individual Therapy Academic Careers Stress Management Burnout

Learning how to cope and manage stress is an important part of therapy. I help many people to find more effective ways to manage their lives despite their anxiety, mood related struggles, losses, burnout, and grief. Stress can be toxic, regardless of its cause, and trusting that you can better cope with whatever comes your way is essential. I especially enjoy incorporating stress management in my work.

I strive to provide a comfortable and engaging space for you to share your thoughts.  I think therapy should be a collaborative and creative interpersonal problem-solving process to understand your concerns, see your strengths, and find your solutions. I use mindfulness, mind-body practices, CBT, skills building, and insight/relational approaches to help you meet your goals.

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